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Teesside University 2015-2017

Animation Showreel 2017
Technical Anim Reel 2017
Albackpaca 2017
Adapt 2016

The above content is a variety of work from my time studying at Teesside University between 2015-2017,
featuring a variety of work from animation, motion capture cleanup, rigging & tools to engine integration.


Albackpaca was a vertical slice video game project developed for a University module over a period of 10 weeks by the Silky Studios team. It is a platforming adventure game pitched as "Uncharted for Kids". This project won best game of the class of 2017.

In this game, you take the role of Al, a plucky anthropomorphic alpaca treasure hunter who is on an adventure to find treasure hidden deep within an ancient Aztec tomb, with a budding armadillo companion to guide you along!

As the team was really small we had to wear a lot of hats, so my responsibilites varied depending on the needs of the project from rigging, implementation, art and set dressing, to design.


Adapt is a top down Survival Simulation video game set in Prehistoric Stone Age; the player assumes control of a Caveman, and must adapt to their harsh environment to survive. Struggle against a true world simulation and expect to survive against harsh winters, predators and the dwindling of finite resources - make yourself sustainable anyway you can, and Adapt.
Adapt was a hobby project I did in my own time utilising Game Maker Studio